Wanted Animator/Rigger (paid job)

Sorry, position is already fulfilled.

CrowdSim3D is a crowd/traffic simulation add-on for Blender. We have several characters and are looking for someone who can rig the characters and create walk cycles. A number of characters will be distributed as free downloads with the CrowdSim3D-add-on.

The rigs can be game-rigs. The animations are several walk cycles with different speeds (slow walk, normal walk, fast walk, running) and different turning speeds (straight ahead to making a turn). Some characters will require additional walk cycles for a battle. The animation can be created on 2’s or 3’s.

Please send an email to info@crowdsim3d.com with a link to your personal work, your fee and expected time to start. Applicant must be able to send invoices to the Netherlands.