Industrial Knitters looking for add on developer

We need a creative thinker who wants to get involved in the world of knitwear programming. We are looking for someone who can help us develop an add on to unfold 3D models following specific parameters so the 2D shape can be used in the programming of 3D knitwear.

Knitwear Lab is a renowned research and design Lab for industrial knitwear. On our 3 state of the art Stoll knitting machines we develop all kinds of knits for fashion brands, technical and medical applications. We are currently working on a research project to convert 3D models to a 2D shape that can be used in the knitting program (M1plus). Especially the short rowing technique is currently a trial and error process to get to the correct 3D knitted shape. We see huge opportunities to optimize this process so we can quicker and more sustainable, knit better fitting products. One of our knitting programmers will start a Phd project around this subject in March.