Looking for a 3D animator who loves animation!


Xiaoling Entertainmnet is South Korea Entertainment studio and  working on the 3D animation for YouTube Channel. This 3D animator will be skilled in character and express cute and stweet storytelling animation.

Key Qualifications -Extensive experience with 3D Blender. -Understanding principles of Animation, motion, timing, anticipation, follow-through, squash and stetch, forawrd & inverse kinematics, and other part of 3D animation -have a creative eye to understand cinematography, composition and design. -Strong communication skills and positive attitude.

Preferred Qualification: -Have experience with TVseries or relevant professional experience.

We are looking for a someone who can work with us for long time, not just once work buddy. This opportunity will follow with a proposal of full time job if we all agree.

Please submit a portfolio or work examples with CV and your application to here; jhma@xiaolingent.com We only accept email application.

Thank you, Xiaoling ENT.