3D Generalist for Molecular Biology Animation Company Wanted


I am looking for a veteran Blender 3D generalist to be a regular part of our team.

We specialize in molecular biology scientific animation and our website is www.biotech-animated.com

Currently we have a single 3D animator who does all of our 3D work, but they are now at capacity, so we are looking at bringing in another individual. Our 3D animator is a scientist-animator (PhD level molecular biology) which means that he is not as specialized and skilled in 3D animation as someone who has made it their profession to only focus on developing this skill.

Therefore what we want to do is change our production process so that our current 3D animator would create the basic outline of the animation and then you would take that and make it look first class.

We would provide you with all the scientific support you need, so you don’t need to have any scientific training (although it would be a huge advantage if you did).

Our goal here is to make an IMPROVEMENT in our production quality and not match what we already have been producing.

We have several jobs in the pipeline, the first of which is a 1.5 minute full 3D production with a generous budget which we will be ready to get started on around mid-week next week.

I’ve thoroughly outlined what I’m looking for in the job application here: biotechanimated.typeform.com/to/xEtrKuYZ

If you are interested please complete the form.

Best regards,