Resona fork of Blender - C, C++, Python Developers needed

Resona is a fork of Blender aimed to be a High Quality Video Editor with Audio Editing and Colour Grading Capabilities. As of now, we are adding features to our version of Blender. It is Free & Open Source (of course, it is!)

We need developers in C, C++ and Python who can handle the following tasks:

  • Custom Nodes (Audio, DAW, Image Processing and Colour Grading related Nodes)
  • VSE Multithreading (Implement this feature to ease Video workflow, at least in Python)
  • Movie Strip Modifiers (That is, more Colour Grading Modifiers for Video)
  • Audio Strip Modifiers (Basic Audio Effects)
  • File Preview with Node Editors (passing Images to a Custom Panel drawn within Node Editor UI)

It is unpaid for now, but small projects like this have the potential to be big in the future. If you are interested, contact us. We will add you to our Github Development Team.

See for the Current Version and check the Completed Goals...