Looking for talented modeler for Arma 3 heavy equipment project

I need a talented blender modeler for an Arma 3 heavy equipment project. We're modeling a fully functional mobile crane. I have an early draft of the blender model in hand, taken as far as my former partner could take it. I need someone who can pick that up and take it across the finish line with me.

Familiarity with Arma 3 helpful, but not 100 percent necessary, I think. I can help guide you to the articles and blogs and such that inform your 3D modeling requirements as far as blender is concerned.

Also, unpaid, completely voluntary, just want to be up front with that. You'll gain great experience, I think, just besides. Call it "Internship" as far as this job board is concerned.

For my part, I bring the project leadership, A3 configuration, scripting, packaging, etc, to the table. I need you focused on the modeling, getting that right.

Feel free to drop by my discord if you are interested and at all serious, invite in the contact website. Would be happy to orient you to things to the best of my ability.