Elevator Interior Designs - Standards Setup - Script?

Blender 3D - looking for someone to create set of standard designs using Blender for elevator interiors. I would like to have a unique set of standards set up in Blender such as layouts, title blocks, views, realistic renderings, lights, parts, materials, story boards, ect, that I can easily manipulate myself. A custom script or interface would be very useful. If a custom script can be made, a video tutorial so that I can easily learn to use it would be required. Lots of the designs will be similar, with some parts and materials being changed. Common parts include: ceilings, spot lights, strip lights, round handrails, flat handrails, vertical panels, horizontal panels, recessed reveals. Common materials: painted glass, mirror, brushed stainless steel, mirrored stainless steel 5WL stainless steel, Formica plastic laminate, Forbo marmoleum flooring, ceramic flooring. Would like the ability to easily create custom designs when none of the standard designs will work. Attached are some renderings I created with 3DS Max, renderings from another company and some common designs. Please send reference work similar to what I am looking for.