Looking for coder/trainer for single OSL project.


I have a custom iterative chaos-based procedural shader that mostly does what I want with 18 lines of code controlled by point position and normally two (but up to any arbitrary number of) floating parameters, but it produces jagged edges and bands for high contrast colors or during slow asymptotic growth.

There is an openly available algorithm that will fix this in just as many additional lines, but I have little coding experience so I am unsure how to implement it into Open Shading Language and I am unsure how to make it adaptive to a variety of function-based noises and curves, though the details are mostly simple algebra.

I'm willing to pay $50 to implement it correctly for a single function to start but in such a way that it will continue to work at least as well as for other procedures as my current method, then another $50 to write a guide and followup virtual meeting so that I can use the improved version to generate a smoother rendering for any arbitrary function I can successfully represent from OSL's library (the algebra I can work out myself as long as I know what algebra I need to do and where to put the solution) that gives the same flexibility in its floating parameters as the current method.

Overall I expect completing the project to almost be a matter of copying and pasting, but understanding what the algorithm means and what the dilemma is will likely take some reading. If you are a coder with exposure to dynamic systems, chaos theory or complex analysis, this will be straightforward.

I have some flexibility so if you come upon a roadblock or need to take some time to plan your approach or just want to finish your current project before getting to mine, I am perfectly willing to wait a reasonable amount of time.