PAID WORK-Install and Configure Cycles rendering software

Looking for a Sr. level experienced Rendering Software expert who can install and configure the Blender Cycles rendering software in our AWS Amazon GPU based Virtual Server running on Linux OS. You will also be required to install and configure the Flamenco render management software to manage min of 3 render farm servers at the initial phase 1. Our servers are located in AWS and will be running on Linux OS. Our main objective will be to: 1-Allow multiple 3D designers to render their models simultaneously using our render farm servers hosted in Amazon AWS 2-Allow a single large 3D model be renders at much faster speed using multiple render farm servers utilizing multiple GPU threads

In Phase 1, we would like to deploy 3 Render farm servers in Amazon to meet the above objectives in order for 3 designers access the render farms at the same time to Render 3D models/objects simultaneously.

This consultation must include; Hands-on training provided to our Software Project Manager Documentation on How to Installation, Configuration and integration of the Blender Cycles render software Perform final testing by uploading three models as 3 different designers for rendering purpose and making sure servers perform cluster rendering of the Three 3D models.