Assets for CrowdSim3D

CrowdSim3D is a crowd simulation add-on for Blender ( ). For our new release we’d like to create some simulations of armies.The first simulation is an army of vikings walking through a forest. The forest has an open field where the vikings will meet their enemy for a battle.

The first asset we request is a viking-like character. Next will be the environment (forest, open field) and the enemy. The assets will all be part of the same shot so the style should match. But furthermore there is a lot of freedom to put your own style to the assets.

We are looking for a 3D generalist to model/shade/rig/pose characters and model/shade environments/sets for our crowd simulations.The perfect candidate is experienced in modelling, shading, rigging and posing characters and modelling and shading environments. He/she can proof this with their reel or portfolio. He/she is used to work remotely and independent. There will be weekly meetings where the progress is demonstrated and the goal for the next week will be agreed.

If this sounds interesting and you can send invoices to the Netherlands, send an email with your motivation, portfolio, fee, timing and how you think to approach the project to

Specification for the viking model

  • Target art style for the models is game style (i.e. Assassins Creed Valhalla).
  • Different props/cloths.
    • Base clothing
    • Sword/Axe
    • Shield
    • Helm
    • Cape with hood.
    • 3 (facial) hair styles
    • Boots
  • The character must be modeled in the A or T pose.
  • Scene units should be set to (1 blender unit = 1 meter).
  • The scale of all objects should be set to (1, 1, 1).
  • The character must face to -Y, Z up.
  • All objects should be modeled to real life scale.
  • Origin of the main model should be on the ground.
  • The main mesh should only consist out of the body. Clothing and props should be modeled in separate meshes.
  • Parts of the main mesh that will never be visible (always covered by clothing) doesn’t have to be modeled.
  • Number of faces with all modifiers applied should be between 10000 and 12500 faces for the main mesh and 500-1000 for the assets.
  • When using textures use at max 4k by 4k OpenEXR textures
  • The models should be prepared primary for Cycles, but should also render Ok in Eevee.
  • The character should be rigged with a basic (game) rig (reference Rigify basic human)
  • The rig should control feet, legs, body, arms and head.
    • Details like fingers and facial expressions isn’t needed.
    • The hand can be modeled in a fist, matching to hold a prop.
  • Props should be connected to the main character rig.
  • The models will be used in the upcoming Blender 2.93.


The new version of CrowdSim3D will generate walkcycles based on poses. We will deliver a tool in order to test the walk cycles generated by the simulation software.

Poses to start with:

  • Slow walk
  • Normal walk
  • Fast walk
  • Running
  • Jumping forward

For each of the basic movement we need poses for:

  • Contact (left and right)
  • Down (left and right)
  • Passing (left and right)
  • Up (left and right)

Later we could request for more poses for the combat scene:

  • Several poses for defending with a shield.
  • Several poses for defending using a sword.
  • Several poses for attaching using a sword.
  • Several idle poses.