About Blender Community

A Bit of History

In 2005 Pablo Vazquez helped to build the GraphicAll community, and together with Francesco Siddi we have been building communities like Blender Network and Blender Today in 2014, which later became Blender Community.

Jan 2024 Update

Is Blender Community being discontinued?

Yes. All communities except Right-Click Select will be shut down.

Blender Community started back in 2014 as a side project for fun to work in the evenings and weekends, with the mission to give the community a place to share news and connect. Later on it grew into adopting an ideas board (Right-Click Select) and Blender builds (GraphicAll). Over the years Blender's buildbot took over the distribution of builds, and social media and forums took over BlenderToday. So we have decided to shut down Blender Community, and focus on the side of it that the community really wants to see grow: Right-Click Select.

Over the coming months of 2024 we want to build a new platform from scratch, that takes over and expands the concept of Right-Click Select. Fully open source and aligned with the Blender project, to which anyone can contribute and help curate and moderate.

Language/region specific Blender communities can be found on the ever-growing list at blender.org/community

Making Blender Community has been an amazing experience. A journey of learning and discovering what works and what doesn't. There is a clear need for a space to share and discuss ideas and we can't wait to build this together.