GraphicAllCommunities will soon be discontinued.
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Blender builds for the masses.

Sunsetting GraphicAll

Since 2005, GraphicAll's motto has been "bringing FOSS builds to the masses" , then it turned into only Blender builds since it was the most popular project and back then the Blender Foundation didn't have the infrastructure that it has now to provide daily/custom builds, so there was a clear need for a place like GraphicAll.

Nowadays that need does not longer exist, and sharing binaries out in the open has become more of a security threat than anything. For this reason we (Francesco and Pablo) decided to sunset GraphicAll.

Rough timeline and special thanks to those involved:

  • 2005: Daniel Salazar and Pablo Vazquez setup the project.
  • 2010:
    • Dolf Veenvliet rewrote the backend for GraphicAll 2.0 !
    • Nathan Letwory integrates Blenderhead ID
  • 2015: Francesco Siddi and Pablo take over the project maintenance.
  • 2019: GraphicAll becomes part of Blender Community.
  • 2023: Sunsetting at 18 years old.

Existing Builds

You can continue to download the existing builds for a while, and get newer versions at: