Animation of a rocket engine

Activity: In the frame of a scientific documentary, I have to illustrate how a rocket engine works. I already have paid someone to create the detailed mesh of the engine based on technical documentation, including gears, injectors, etc. The objective is now to show how the engine starts, where the fuel/oxydizer go while running, etc. The general output I expect should look roughly like this: (starting from the 18th second), with a nicer-looking rendering though. The expected video would last ~2 minutes, and fluids/gas running through a meshed engine is the only thing to animate (well, with rotating gears but those are already animated). It doesn't need to be a realistic fluid animation, it can be based on particles, on uv maps, on anything that make it look nice. As shown in the example above, some fluids are liquids (liquid oxygen and kerosene), others are gaz, it will to be clear, even if not fully realistic. The purpose here is to teach how it works. Based on our discussions, we should agree either for a full rendered animation + an updated Blender model. Or just the updated model that would allow me to just take the camera shots I'd like.

Payment: $10+/h (dependent on experience and quality).

Who I am looking for: Professionnal only, I need to have a quote, an invoice, and to sign an NDA. If you're a skilled animator but cannot provide an official invoice to my company, our collaboration is not possible. Please provide links to relevant experience.