Freelance project - Create twisted plywood shapes from supplied paths

Create three 3D shapes from supplied Adobe Illustrator (or SWF) paths.

I have three simple smooth path-shapes drawn in Adobe Illustrator CS6, one has a hole cut-out. I would like the shapes to be extruded to 6mm thickness with a 2mm bevel on both sides, in 3D at actual size of 450mmx500mm.

Two of the shapes need to be twisted, one by approximately 15degrees (#2 on the drawing) and one by 30degrees (#1 on the drawing) .

The attached drawing shows five shapes, two of them #4 and #5 are mirrored duplicates of #1 and #2.

I would like the shapes (shown in brown colour on the drawing) to have a material mapped to them (they are laminates of Bamboo ply). The individual plys at the edges don't need to be shown in detail, just a 'wood effect' map all over.

Could you set up a camera and a light in the scene which shows the entire assembly in a similar view to the attached drawing?

I will need to slightly amend the bezier-curves of the path shapes, using Blender's procedural feature, but the 'twist' deformation must remain applied. I tried using a Lattice deform in my attempt, but the lattice was unpredictable when the shapes were moved or mirrored.

I can't find where to upload the brief-drawing or material maps, I'll send you the texture-map and photos of similar material in different environments.

This project has more aspects to it (more modelling, rendering and simple mechanical animation, I just need to find a Freelancer who can deliver the first part successfully.

I'm using Blender 2.81a on MacOS, please ensure your file is compatible.