Unicorn Artist Needed

Skidmore Technologies LLC is a start-up that began work last year on a mobile application (game targeting girls primarily). We are looking for a 3D artist able to create assets for our project ranging from cute unicorns (the most critically needed assets) to user interface artwork and environment artwork. If the artist is capable of rigging and animating the unicorns that will also be requested, however the models are the most important part, and the rigging/animation is not critical if the artist does not have those skill-sets. Applicants should have experience with cute 3D art or be able to demonstrate such prior to signing a contract. Experience creating artwork for 3D games, board games or card games or with rigging and animation is highly desirable but not required, as the creativity of the artist, ability of the artist to work within guidelines, “cuteness” (style) of artwork, and quality of unicorn artwork to be produced is our primary concern. Payment is negotiable but is expected to be somewhere between $3,000 and $10,000 USD overall, and the expected working period is 2-3 months. This project may lead to future projects. A sample of artwork to be provided will be requested (not rigged or animated, just something to show us that cute and creative artwork can be delivered on time). You can contact us at jonathanskidmore1@gmail.com for more details or to set up a meeting time (virtually, due to the times we live in).